外国人ネイティブが実際に日常生活やビジネス場面で使っている活きた表現をほぼ毎日、紹介していきます! 学校やテキストでは習わなかった実用的な言い回しを身につけていきましょう。



「estimated time of arrival」の略で、会話でも略語として使われます。

A: I need your help now! An urgent errand needed to be done by EOD.

B: Oh shit, I am in the middle of taking shower now.

A: Oh my god, give me your ETA.

B: I will be your home around 23:00. Hope it still works for you.



also known as” の頭文字をとって、 “a.k.a” と使われています。

たとえば、海外セレブやアーティストが、本名とは違うステージネームを使っている場合に、「本名 a.k.a ステージネーム」のように使われたりします。

A: Hey guys! I am Toru,a.k.a. most handsome guy at the party tonight !

B: Yuck,what a jerk he is. a.k.a. I am not interested.

C: He looks cute,though.

B: Huh, enjoy the night !

out of woods



A: My father is still in the hospital. He is not out of woods yet.

B: Sorry to hear that. Hope he overcomes his illness soon.

A: Thank you for your caring. I am sure he can recover and come back home this month.

B: I am sure too.

hit on me


hit on ~ は「~を口説く」という意味です。

A: You look amazing today.

B: Are you trying to hit on me ?

A: Are you seeing anyone ?

B: Yup ! So please do not hit on me lol

up in the air



A: My travel plan during new year holidays are still up in the air.

B: Are you finally planning to go abroad after three years ?

A: That’s right. But, I am concerned about low yen currency now, which cost me a lot abroad.

B: Hum, you might wanna see how it goes for a while then.

hit it off


初対面で、意気投合する時に”hit it off“を使います。顔見知りで、「気が合う」「仲がいい」なら”get along“を使います。

A: I finally could see my coworker based in California in the US.

B: You told me you guys had been working together on a big project for three months.

A: That’s right. She came to Japan to see me and we hit it off straight away.

B: Wow. Cool.

pay back



A: My Chinese coworker helped me accomplish my challenging project.

B: How kind of him ! You need to pay him back when he needs hands for his project.

A: Absolutely. I am willing to do so.

B: It’s always nice to have good coworkers.

head over heels



A: You know what ? Ken is such a good looking man.

B: I am here for you. Apparently Naomi is head over heels for him.

A: I am sure she is. Everyone likes him.

B: Although no guarantee he loves her.

off the scale



A: The impact of the global warming is off the scale.

B: Absolutely. We’ve been experiencing horrible natural disasters as a result of it.

A: This is where we are under the critical situation.

B: Each individual must take actions to prevent further warming on a daily basis.

last resort


resortには「頼りにするもの」という意味があるので、last resortで「最後の手段」「頼みの綱」のようなニュアンスで使われます。

A: Are we getting enough number of applicants for the manager’s position ?

B: Not at all. I am afraid that the conditions offering are not attractive enough.

A: Well, we can ask Matt to take this role as a last resort.

B: That’s a good idea. He is an experienced manager.

low hanging fruit



A: Do you think our quarterly sales target is achievable ?

B: In all honesty, it’s low hanging fruit.

A: In your opinion, we should improve our target strategy ?

B: For us, it’s a bit under-stimulated. Why not hearing more opinions from others ?

screw over



A: You know , I’m getting totally screwed over now.

B: I thought it was good chance for you to be promoted as a manager.

A: My boss is mean guy. Likely he had no intensions to promote me for the first place.

B: What a day for you. Let’s party tonight !




A: Given his age, he is much younger than regular 50’s.

B: Is he 50’s? Such an eye-opening; I thought he was still 30’s.

A: Amazing, isn’t he ? He looks so heathy.

B: I wish I could be like him when I turned out 50’s.

wiggle room




A: I’d suggest you decide whether you stay with us or leave by this evening.

B: There’s no wiggle room to sleep on it ?

A: Unfortunately no more time for you.

B: Hum, then fine, I will quit by the end of this month.

jaw dropping



A: The typhoon hit us last month was literally jaw dropping.

B: We’ve never experienced that scale of typhoon in the past.

A: Huge typhoon is one of the phenomena that global warming caused us.

B: Totally. I am really concerning about recent climate changes.

wouldn’t bet on it



A: Do you think we can end our project by due date ?

B: I wouldn’t bet on it. We need more time for doing QA.

A: You are right. We should improve our quality of assets to deliver.

B: Do you think you can negotiate with our client about extension ?

at the drop of a hat



A: If my friend were much younger, he’d quit his current job at the drop of a hat.

B: Doesn’t he like what he is dong for a living ?

A: He just hates his boss who just came from other division.

B: Huh, it’s true that it’s not easy for changing a job once getting older.

You made the bed, now lie in it.




A: You know, my brother-in-law, married a Chinese almost 10 years ago and had a son now.

B: Yup. How’ are they doing ?

A: They say they both have difficulties to understand mutually due to cultural differences and language barriers. And they will end up getting divorced if it goes worse.

B: They should have known many challenging for the first place. I would say, ‘ You made the bed, now lie in it.`

good vibes



A: I really miss my previous workplace with good vibes.

B: Same here. We were happy to work with good people for a time being.

A: Sadly, I heard the company culture was totally destroyed by a new owner.

B: I know many good people left and new guys coming from the owner’s company now.

better off


You’d be better offをYou shouldと考えたら分かりやすいでしょう。但し、Better offは、「〜をした方がもっとよい状態になる」のニュアンスがあります。

A: I know you are so busy this week. You’d better off taking rest this weekend.

B: Thank you, for sure, I will have a chill at home.

A: You’d better off forgetting about all hectic at work.

B: Yeah, Hoping this project ends successfully next week, though..

dead on


一説によれば、射撃が由来になっているようで、「dead on the mark」の省略形だとのことです。つまり、完璧に的を射るという意味です。

A: You know what, your presentation was dead on today.

B: Really ? Happy to hear that. It deserved spending so much time for the preparation.

A: Definitely. It worths taking time off next week.

B: Are you kidding me ? I am super high now.

It stands out to me


英語ネイティブは stand out を「優れている」「際立つ」のようなニュアンスでもよく使います。

A: Climate these days are really issues for anybody.

B: Absolutely, there are many audio programs talking about global warming and discuss how to figure it out.

A: One of the broadcast which really stands out to me is the one you recommended me last week.

B: Do you like it ? I am also listening to it and sometimes I join the conversation and share my thoughts on there.





A: Can you make it at 15h ? We can have a very late lunch together.

B: It’s way late for the lunch for me. I will be starving.

A: Okey then, can you make it 13h30 ?

B: For sure, where can I see you ? Any favorite restaurant near you office ?

feel grounded,be grounded



A: My current boss is very calm and fair to anybody.

B: That sounds cool.

A: Yeah, I feel grounded when I see him at the office.

B: I am sure he is very grounded too.

speaking of which


speaking of whichは「それでいうと」「そういえば」「ちなみに」というような意味を表します。日常会話え良く使われます。

A: You know what, Silver week is just around the corner.

B: Speaking of which, do you have anything you gonna do ?

A: I’m gonna see my parents and visit our family grave.

B: Okay, that’s really good thing to do.

roll out



A: Apple rolled out new products this month.

B: Right, I watched the Apple Event and found out AirPods Pro Second Generation.

A: That’s the one I want to buy.

B: Same here, it says they got a super personalized sounds provided by new technology.

Let’s say


Suppose」やWhat if ?も同じ意味合いを持ちますが、Let’s sayの方がよりカジュアルに使われます。また、「〜はどう?」のように、提案をちょっと控え目なニュアンスとしても使われます。

A: Let’s say you reach the age 60, what do you wanna do afterwards ?

B: Well, firstly I don’t wanna work at the office anymore. All I wanna do is to enjoy my rest of my life.

A: I know what you mean but realistically you have still longer years left.

B: That’s the thing. We still need money to live, right ?

by any chance



A: Sorry but do you know the place where I can buy a movie ticket around here by any chance ?

B: Let’s me think, Um, you may find a ticket service counter at the mall over there.

A: Thanks, I will have a look while shopping around there.

B: I am pretty sure you can find the service desk on the first floor, but enjoy shopping anyway !

eye opening



A: Talking with people from different countries are really eye opening experiences for me.

B: How do you make it possible to do so while in Japan ?

A: I just joined online English lessons that gave me chances to meet a lot of people from the world.

B: Sounds amazing. You can learn not only English but also cultures of different locations.

head off



A: I don’t have my 3pm session today, it was cancelled at the last minutes.

B: Sounds like you are free after 3pm then.

A: Yup. I am going to head off. Have a nice weekend !

B: For sure, thank you, you too!




A: There are a lot of sketchy parts of Shinjuku, especially around Kabukicho area, so please be careful.

B: I saw a bunch of sketchy looking people at night there.

A: Oh my gosh, you’ve been there already ?

B: Yeah, but we stayed there only for a short time, though.

hook up


「hook up」は本来の「つなぐ」という意味から派生して、スラング的な用法を含め、さまざまな使い方があります。今回は、ディバイスなどを接続するという意味を紹介します。

A: I am unable to upload the data, any tech issues now ?

B: Are you hooked up with company wifi ?

A: Indeed.

B: You wanna try to hook up via ethernet ?

feel free



A: I’ve done very rough draft of our presentation for next meeting.

B: That’s super helpful.

A: Feel free to make any changes to the presentation. We can have a sync once mutually checked this week.

B: That will be nice, thank you !

full on



A: You look so tired today. Are you okay ?

B: Uni a bit full on today so exhausted.

A: You still wanna go out tonight ?

B: You don’t mind if I pass it ? Maybe next week after my exams.

smart aleck


A: I am not IT savvy. But should I be a smart aleck when you are not with me today ?

B: You don’t have to be. All you should say is to reach out to me tomorrow again when they need some help.

A: Thank you for your clarification. That makes me less worried.

B: Not at all, enjoy your day today in the office.

stand to reason


A: It’s in the middle of company’s drastic restructuring.

B: They are trying to cut cost such as our base salary as well.

A: Have you signed a contract to accept new salary condition ?

B: No ways, it stands to reason that I should decline the offer.

be stretched thin



A: Just wanted to ask you but do you think you can handle another project?

B: Um, I may be a little stretched thin.

A: Ok, I see. What if we hire a couple of more vendors for you ?

B: Positive. But still need a couple of weeks for preparation, though.

silver bullet



A: It’s really annoying that we must keep entering data manually everyday.

B: Same page. It’s absolutely time-consuming.

A: Are there any silver bullet for improvements ?

B: Not at the moment. Chances are our tech team will develop a miracle tool for us in the future.

wing it


何かを即興ですることを「Wing it」といいます。

A: Have you already done any preparation for interview tomorrow ?

B: Not really, I’m going to wing it.

A: Didn’t you say that would be a final one with CEO ?

B: Yes, but there are nothing I can do at this stage.

full steam ahead



A: How’s the project coming along ?

B: We have a very short delivery window, it’s so hectic now.

A: Sounds like it’s full stream ahead.

B: We are working hard now.

wade out



A: My four-year-old son cried a lot when I left home.

B: Poor boy. So you just waded it out.

A: Still miss him though, but I can see him after finishing my business trip.

B: I am sure you want to see him soon.

sleep on it



A: Have you already made up your mind ?

B: About what ? You mean if I quit my job or not ?

A: Yeah, you said you would decide it by this week.

B: Let me sleep on it. I still can not decide yet.

be in the same boat



A: Having much less time socializing with others after Covid hit us, makes me lonely.

B: I know but we are all in the same boat.

A: But some people in other countries already seem to be back normal.

B: We have to remember that we are still in the middle of global pandemic though.

on fire



A: My team is winning the games three times in a row.

B: You are on fire !

A: Stephan is nailed. Did you see his shoot ?

B: Yeah, he is on fire.

play with fire



A: I’m aware that you need more budget for this project.

B: Recruitment costs me a lot more than I thought.

A: But don’t try to cheat your boss. You will be playing with fire.

B: I am okay, my boss is very reliable so I am sure he helps me.

My gut tells me



A: Just feeling something fishy about him.

B: How fishy, though ?

A: My gut tells me.

B: Got it, trust you, then just cancel it.

base off of


日本人だとbased on に慣れ親しんでいるイディオムとほぼ同義になります。

A: What challenging for me is to find good candidates for this position.

B: Do not base your decision off of a job description because they are generally meaningless.

A: Thank you for your advice.

B: I know it’s not easy for you to screen the candidates though.

get carried away


“Carry away”は、我を忘れるほど何かに夢中になったり興奮したりすること、またはおだてられていい気になったりすることを表します。

A: They were very interesting people and it’s easy to chat.

B: But sometimes they got carried away.

A: You are right. They never stop chatting.

B: Some might get annoyed by that.

check the boxes



A: My previous boss never allow me to so something creative at work.

B: I guess she was a type of person just checking the boxes.

A: Exactly. She seemed she did not like to so something different at all.

B: But now you have a new manager who has more flexibility, right ?

throw someone under the bus



A: Are you okay ? I heard you were transferred to other team.

B: Yup. I was assuming my previous boss threw me under the bus.

A: What did you do ?

B: The project I was working with her did not go well.That’s why she kicked me out.

no fuss



A: By the deadline, I had completed the project with no issues, no fuss.

B: Excellent ! You deserve to be promoted soon.

A: To be honest, I have no expectations for that. Just enjoying my work.

B: Yeah, that’s the most important factor in life.




A: My boss, Marcel is a very reliable in terms of tech related issues.

B: You mean, he is a tech savvy ?

A: Yes, definitely. Particularly, he is familiar with all Mac things.

B: That’s good. We all use Macbook for work.

pull the plug



A: You know what, this project is not making money at all.

B: Looks like it. What should we do ?

A: I think we should pull the plug.

B: Everyone is on the same page.

it’s not the end of the world



A: I need you immediately, my device is not working properly atm.

B: Take it easy, all you have to do is to reach out to the helpdesk.

A: Am I allowed to continue woking without using the device for a while ?

B: No worries, it’s not the end of the world.

cover up



A: We were all shocked to hear the news that former prime minister,Abe was assassinated by 41-year old gunman.

B: It’s really rare incident in Japan, but revealed that Mr Abe was associated with a religious group who might destroy gunman’s family.

A: Sounds like we need to dig into the fact, but major media try to cover up it.

B: Yep. Should unveil the truth behind, though.

turn me off


turn on/offは電気などを付ける、消すなどの意味で使われていますが、面白い使い方としては、異性などに魅力を感じる、ひく、などの意味で使われます。

A: You know what, I met a really creepy guy today.

B: Tell me how weird he was.

A: He was just consistently talking while eating, it turned me off.

B: Overconfident guys turn me off too.

back on track


on trackで物事が順調に進んでいることを表しています。元に戻って再び軌道に乗ることを表現します。

A: We had a critical issue on our project in terms of recruitment.

B: Yup, we were totally behind the schedule.

A: Thank you for bringing the project back on track.

B: I’m glad it all worked out well now.

high profile



A: Beyond my understanding, how come you can resign such a high profile job all of a sudden ?

B: Well, such a life. I’ve done enough.

A: What’s your plans from now on?

B: Well, nothing particularly.

behind the wheel



A: We’ve been posting our ads for hiring a project manager.

B: Take a time, we need someone responsible behind the wheel,okay ?

A: Noted. Hope we can find someone responsible soon.

B: I am sure we can.

sorry to jump in



A: You know what, I got Covid positive last week.

B: Are you okay ?

C: Sorry to jump in, but I think you should be isolated for 10 days.

A: That’s right, that’s why all I can do now is to talk to you guys over Skype like this.

have a lot on my plate



A: Can anybody give us hands ?

B: Not me, I have a lot on my plate.

A: No worries.Anybody ?

B: Unfortunately everyone here has too much on their plate already.

cabin fever



A: I have to stay at home all day long to receive my parcel.

B: It will be a really beautiful day during a break in the rainy season today.

A: I know, that’s why I get cabin fever.

B: Why not claiming unattended delivery ?

give it a shot



A: I am not sure I can speak English well in front of everyone on the stage .

B: All you need is to have enough confidence. Give it a shot !

A: Okay, thank you. I do my best.

B: Good luck !

point being that


The point is と同じ意味ですが、口語的によく使われています。

A: What a world to be alive now. There are so many strange things going on.

B: Yup, Covid, War, Inflation, you name it.

A: Nobody is sure the world exists tomorrow nowadays.

B: Point being that we are in the middle of difficult times.

better off


Betterよりも、Better offは「〜をした方がもっとよい状態になる」のニュアンスがあります。

A: I need to work hard and earn more for my family. I have three kids.

B: I’m better off single.

A: I wish I was a single.

B: Are you okay ? You may need some time to be alone.

from scratch


from 0ではなく、scratchを使います。英語独特の表現になります。

A: Hi there,How was your presentation today ? I know you stayed up all night for the preparation.

B: Hi, Unfortunately some of them didn’t like it. I have to start from scratch.

A: Oh dear, Is there anything I can help you ?

B: Thank you but I am okay, I can manage this by myself.

drive nuts



A: You know what, still we have tons of manual labors even though we are one of the big tech companies.

B: Silly. The management got to think how to streamline a business process.

A: Absolutely. I got to do overtime for processing payments manually.

B: I am sure it drives you nuts.

bend over backwards



A: How’s your new project going ?

B: Actually doing well so far.

A: Ah, good to know that. You bend over backwards to move foward this challenging project.

B: I am grad that my hard work pays off now.

ring a bell



A: This scent reminds me a decade ago when I was in Paris.

B: Does it ring a bell ? This is a special gift for your birthday from me.

A: You are so sweet. You remember my favorite shop.

B: Of course. I met you in Paris when we both were college students.

The sky is the limit



A: Wow, you are just 20 years old, so young.

B: Yup. I have many things I want to try.

A: The sky is the limit. You can do whatever you want to do.

B: Thanks ! I will try to learn English first so that I can go abroad for my study.

breeze out



A: Feeling like my boss is about to beg us to do overtime tonight.

B: Oh my, I must leave earlier tonight, though.

A: I thinki you should breeze out now.

B: I wil do so, thank you !

screw up



A: I’ve learned many things through my past projects.

B: What was the most challenging experience ever ?

A: I would say the recruitment is the one. I screwed up the process of contracting with the venders.

B: I would assume it would be especially difficult when it comes to legal understanding in English.

head off


headは向かう、行くなどの意味でネイティブは多様しますが、head offをお先に失礼しますというニュアンスで使うこともできます。

A: Killer migraine not to responding to medicines.

B: That’s bad. You should leave earlier today.

A: Thanks, I will take a nap but for sure I’m gonna head off a bit early.

B: Take care, see you tomorrow.

off for the day



A: Long day, today, wasn’t it ?

B: Yup, many meetings ate up most of our time.

A: I am burn out, will be off for the day soon.

B: Same here.

in two minds



A: I had a quarterly meeting with my boss yesterday and was recommended to be a section manager if I would.

B: Is that your promotion ? Congrats on you.

A: Not yet.I am in two minds about being a manger.

B: You mean you rather like to stay as a staff member for a while ?




A: I know you are quite straightforward, but It’s better not to say much toward your new boss yet.

B: What do you mean ? You mean I should sugarcoat what I say to my boss ?

A: That’s my suggestion. Particularly he is from asian culture, so I assume he may be rather reserved and watch what he says carefully rather than expressing whatever he thinks like we normally do.

B: I see. Thank you for your advice.

heads up



A: Hi there, we are schueduled a quaterly sales meeting this Friday.

B: You are right, but I don’t know in details about it, so I am not sure if there are anythings that I should prepare for it.

A: I’ll give you a heads up later this afternoon.

B: Great, thank you.

guess what



A: Guess what ? I am quitting my job next month.

B: What ? Are you kidding ?

A: Serious. I am going to be beteen jobs for a while.

B: Hope you will find a new job soon, though.

over the moon



A: You know what, I won the lottery !

B: You are kidding ? How much did you gain ?

A: 10 million dollars !! I am over the moon.

B: Oh my God, am I in the middle of dreaming ?

big shoes to fill



A: Congratulations on your promotion. How’s going so far as a new manger ?

B: Well, to be honest, the previous manger was so popular by the staff, so I feel very nervous.

A: Sounds like you have big shoes to fill. But don’t worry you can make it.

B: Hoping so. thank you !

tell you what



A: Looks like getting sunny this afternoon.

B: Tell you what, how about going out the beach by car ?

A: Sounds like a plan.

B: Why not having a chill time under the sunny weather ?

It’s that green grass,again


The grass is always greener on the other side 「隣の芝生は青い」という諺を口語的に言う表現です。

A: Stefan is very skilled with his hands. He can do a lot of things by himself.

B: Isn’t he amazing ? He even built his own house too.

A: I envy him. I have nothing I can do by myself.

B: It’s that green grass,again, ha ?

dodge a bullet



A: Whew, the car I was driving hit the wall.

B: Wow, you dodged a bullet, didn’t you ?

A: Yep, I got injured but ended up no hospitalization.

B: Be careful,though.

stand on ceremony



A: You know, I don’t feel comfortable when I am with your parents.

B: My bad. You should feel at home, though.

A: But I feel like I need to stand on ceremony.

B: You can skip the formalities as you can get used to.

put out



A: I feel hesitancy to visit my relatives.

B: What makes you feel so ?

A: They have a small kid as well as an elderly mother to look after. They may be put out.

B: Never knows. Just call and ask them their convenience.




A: I like working out at the gym whenever I have free time.

B: No wonder why you are so ripped.

A: I also watch what I eat for the sake of my body.

B: That’s good for diet,right ?

over the top



A: How do I look today ?

B: Can I be honest with you ?

A: Why not ? What do you think of my new shirt ?

B: I think you’ve kind of gone over the top with your color of shirt.

playing [one’s] cards close to [one’s] chest



A: I think I am a kind of guy to be open to everyone.

B: I know you are. But, sometimes it’s important not to show yourself 100% especially when you meet somebody new.

A: Some people take advantage of it, right ?

B: Yes, I always play my cards to my chest whenever I meet somebody new.

pay off



A: I helped my brother’s family moving on weekends.

B: Great. I am sure they appreciated you for your work.

A: Yeah. They served me a deliciaous food on Sunday night.

B: Your hard work paid off then.




A: I got a new manager and he seems to be a nice guy.

B: That’s good on you. You used to have a micro-managery boss, right ?

A: That’s right. She was a very reliable boss but with too much interference.

B: I hope your new mangager allows you to be independent with freedom.

let it go



A: After Covid hit us in 2021, I lost my long contributed career at the company.

B: Has the company laid off you ?

A: Yes. I was one of the oldest employees, so they did not need me anymore.

B: You should let it go and move on with your new career.

That is quite



A: How was your gardening this week ?

B: Gosh, I had to move a lot of heavy stones. That was quite this week

A: Sounds like such a tough labor.

B: Definetely yes.

I hear you



A: I don’t like my new boss at all He micromanages us.

B: I hear you. But we can not choose our boss, right ?

A: You are right.We must build up mutual trust gradually.

B: Totally agree.

sounds like a plan



A: We are in the middle of GW holidays in Japan.

B: Wow. What’s your plans to do ?

A: We will visit our parents and will have a BBQ party together.

B: Sounds like a plan.

cutting edge



A: The company I work provides for the cutting edge technology.

B: I know. Your company is cutting edge in terms of AI technology.

A: That’s right. I am very motivated to work for developing it.

B: Good on you.




A: Apparently we will have a new manager from next week.

B: Wow.Finally. It has passed almost a half year since the previous manager has gone.

A: Apparently the management team had difficulties to find the qualified person.

B: Looks like it.

all over the place



A: I was supposed to have an initial meeting with my new boss on Teams yesterday.

B: You mean your first introduction with him ?

A: However, I misunderstood the time arranged by his time zone.I was all over the place.

B: Oh my gush.

at my end



A: Does anybody have technical issues of opening files ?

B: I have no issues using files at my end.

A: That’s great. If someone has any problems, please reach out to me.

B: Noted.




A: It’s been interesting years to alive since 2020 for all human beings.

B: You mean there are too many issues we’ve been facing like Covid, Wars,Twitter, and so on.

A: Yeah, but still the youth should have promising future.

B: Never knows how things go. Be positive, ha ?

fall into


以前に紹介しend upと似ている表現ですが、何かの結果になる、陥るなどのニュアンスで良く使われています。

A: You know what, May fell into a management role in the new organization.

B: Congrats her on her new role.

A: She’s been outstanding since she joined the company, so does make sense to me.

B: Hope she will be a reliable manager.




A: How’s your new project going on so far ?

B: Well, there are some challenges. We have very short delivery window.

A: So, you are busy this week for last delivery to your client.

B: Yep, It’s going to be very hectic week.



色々な言い方がありますが、ビジネス上の英語でよく略語(Paid Time Off )として使われています。日本の会社ではPH(Paid Holiday)なんかも使われていますね。

A: Hey Carlos, I want to take PTO on this Friday.

B: For sure. All you have to do is to claim it by WorkDay platform.

A: Noted ! Thank you for your approval in advance.

B: Enjoy your day-off !

all good



A: Can I take a day-off this Friday ?

B: All good.

A: Thank you. I am planning to visit my parents and go on a short trip with them on weekend.

B: Enjoy your holiday!

You Rock



A: I happened to see you on TV show last night.

B: Did you ? Yeah, I was shot by TV crew when I was skateboarding on the street.

A: You Rock ! I did not know you were such a great skater.

B: Thank you for your compliment.

red flag



A: You know what,our profit has been getting lower recently.

B: That’s a red flag.

A: Definetely,we must be aware of our current situation.

B: Let’s figure out how to fix this issue.

up in the air


宙ぶらりんな状態を表して、まだ決定していない、決まっていないことを言う時に使われます。still 「まだ」と一緒に使われることが多いです。

A: There was a significant organizational restructuring last month.

B: I heard you moved to the new department.

A: Yes, but we still don’ have a new manger. It’s still up in the air atm.

B: That sounds weired for me. But nothing you can do,right ?




A: Are you busy this evening ?

B: I got a few errands to run. What’s up ?

A: Not a big deal but just wanted to go out.

B: Maybe next time.




A: We are facing global warming alert now

B: Yes, we don’t have much time to save our mother planet.

A: Japan is way behind in terms of significant measures what we can do now.

B: We need strong leadership right now.

out of the blue



A: My boss resigned out of the blue.

B: Oh my gush. Your favorite boss, right ?

A: Yep, I was very disappointed about that.

B: I hear you.

off topic



A: Does anybody have more questions regarding this topic ?

B: Actually, I have. This is a kind of off topic but I have a question.

A: No worries, please do not hisitate to ask any.

B: Thank you.

The last+名詞+節


The last を使って、否定する表現はネイティブでもよく使われています。

A: I must say my last boss was mean person. I could not relate with him at all.

B: Oh my gush, he is supposed to come to our almuni meeting next Monday night.

A: He is the last person I want to meet now.

B: Oh dear.

it’s just a lot


日本語でもtoo muchと言ったりしますが、色々沢山あり過ぎてうんざりしていることを表現する言い方です。

A: How’s your moving going on ?

B: We have not enough time to organize things at all.

A: I am with you. Moving is a big deal.

B: It’ s just a lot.

That’s just how it goes



A: It’s so challenging to be employed at a new company over 50 years old in Japan.

B: Do they prefer hiring younger workforces ?

A: I think so. it’s just how it goes in our society.

B: What a shame !

make sense



A: We should be paid higher when we work after 10:00 pm.

B: Actually, it does make sense.

A: We are protected by the labor law in Japan.

B: Although, I do like working during day time.

cool with


スラングになりますが、「〜していいよ」と許可するMay I〜などよりかなり軽めの言い方になります。

A: Hey, are you cool with that I might be late for the party ?

B: That’s cool with me.

A: Cool. See you later, then

B: Got you. Bye for now.

for sure



A: I think we have different values as aging.

B: For sure. When we were younger, we used to hungout a lot with friends.

A: Right.But now I have much time being alone.

B: Same here. I must admit I feel rather much comfortable being myself.




A: Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this matter.

B: Welcome. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

A: Does anybody have different perspectives ?

B: Let me recap what I said, and let’s dig into it.

push it along



A: The HR team is not responsive to my emails.

B: Do you have any urgent matters needed to be done by them ?

A: I’ve been waiting for my onboarding documents for a long time.

B: Got it. I I will follow up them and see if I can push it along.

fall on the shoulders



A: Do you know the HR team is short staffed right now?

B: Is that because some have taken a long leave of absence ?

A: Yeah, so everything is falling on the shoulders of only a few people.

B: I see. Hope things are getting better.

in the end



A: I think Russia will suffer from being isolated from the rest of the world in the end.

B: Couldn’t agree more.

A: What Russia has been doing toward Uklaine is totally unacceptable.

B: Yep. Russia has to pay the price for the war.




A: How’s your week been ?

B: My week has been well. I enjoyed viewing cherrybloosoms with my friends.

A: Awsome. Spring warm weather is uplifting.

B: Althoug I suffer from hay fever in Spring.

music to my ears



A: I will go abroad with my family next month.

B: Wow. On business or on holiday?

A: I was promoted as a branch manager in Scotland.

B: Congrats, that’s music to my ears !

eye opening



A: Elon Musk became a board member of Twitter Inc.

B: I know, it was an eye opening news clip.

A: Do you think social media wii be better and have bright future ?

B: I hope he won’t lift political censorship like supporting Trump,though.




A: Have you prepared for your English job interview tomorrow ?

B: Yea, I listed up my strong points and some drawbacks as well.

A: Sounds good. They should know all about you.

B: Hope I can work for my dream company.



こちらもビジネス上のメールやチャットでよく見かける略語です。at the moment の略で、今時点を示しています。

A: I need to talk to now. It’s urgent matter.

B: Sorry, I am in a meeting atm, I’ll call you right away when its over.

A: Got it. It’s about the budget change.

B; ahhh,yea.

pass along



A: I just heard that we were not allowed to rent out our IT equipments to our outside vendors.

B: Really ? It’s new to me. It matters to you ?

A: We can not progress our project without having devices for them.

B: Okay. I get my boss to pass it along.

mind blowing



A: Have you ever been to South America ?

B: Never. How about you ?

A: I’ve been to Amazon River. It was a mind blowing experience.

B: I am sure it was.

game changer



A: I heard you’ve changed your career. Now you are in AI Division.

B: Yep. I was convinced that AI would be a game changer in this times.

A: For sure. We are not able to develop any technonogies without AI solutions.

B: I am exictied about my new career.

side note


ビジネス上でよく使われる表現です。By the wayよりもフォーマルな感じになります。

A: Can anybody take minutes for today’s sync ?

B: I can do that. What’s about for today’s sync ?

A: Just heads up of our new marketing strategy for next month.

B: I see, side note, apparently we’ve been doing a quite good sales so far.

I’m done



A: We hit the bottle from 15:00 aftenoon.

B: Until what time ?

A: Most of guys stayed up all night.But I was dumn sleepy at 22:00. I’m done.

B: So you are not getting any younger. haha

flip side



A: Stefan is a kind of manager who preferes micromanagement style.

B: Yes, he observes or controls the work of his subordinates employees.

A: He takes care of you well,right ?

B: Yeah, but the flip side is that we have no freedoms under him.

with regard to 〜


about よりも、口語的に会話の中でよく使われる表現です。

A: What’s new ?

B: I don’t have any updates,but the cases of Covid has been surging again.

A: With regard to Covid situation, China is in the middle of the worst scenario now.

B: Shanghai is technically lockdown again.




A: Casandra is a fun to hung out.She is full of energy.

B: I know her. She is a character.

A: Yep. She was born in Czech Repblic and now is based in Tokyo.

B: I miss her. Why not go out with three of us this weeked ?




A: I want to lose my weight.

B: Then,you should do lift the weights at the gym.

A: Really ? I thought cardio would work for losing weight.

B: Actually,Lifting the weights would work better for staying in shape.




A: Hi folks, I am your new instructor, Michael.

B: Nice to meet you, Michael. We are ready for new class from today.

A: First, a little housekeeping announcement before exercising.

B: Got you.We take a note.

A: I will give you a piece of house rulebook and explain them to you.

red mist



A: A red mist descended and Will Smith slapped the face of Chris Rock.

B: That was a significant incident at the Academy Award Ceremony.

A: Will Smith resigned from Academy after the incident.

B: I am sure he got no benefits by his actions.

dead wrong



A: Will Smith’s actions were dead wrong.

B: But some say he was brave enough to pay back Chris’s bad joke about his wife’s hair.

A: No ways. Still he should’t have behaved like that.

B: Very enough.He seemed to have toxic masculinity.

for the first place



A: Oh my gosh, I did’t expect this sudden rain today in the middle of hiking.

B: Really ? The weather forecast said it would be raining this afternoon for the first place.

A: I missed it. There is nothing we can do, right ?

B: Unfortunately, all we can do is to keep moving to the finish line.

for now



A: I have many things on my plate today.

B: Do you need a hand ?

A: Thanks for your offer. But for now, all I can do is to organize my own messy desks.

B: Okay, you can ping me anytime when you need my help.

out of line



A: Will Smith apologized his attitude at the Academy Award Ceremony.

B: Yep, he admitted that he was out of line.

A: Cool. He was wrong.

B: Totally.We can not accept any violence under any circumstances.

walk back



A: Biden refused to walk back remarks on Putin.

B: Yes, I watched the news about his comments on Putin.

A: Personally I can relate to what he said.

B: Same here.

walk through



A: Hi,I am new here.

B: Welcome to the marketing team ! I am a team lead, Dereck.

A: Nice to meet you. I am Caren. Could you walk me through my daily tasks to do ?

B: Of course. Let’s make it from 14:00 this afternoon.

a bunch of


manyとかa lot of と同じ意味で、多くのものやことを表す表現ですが、口語的に日常会話でよく使います。

A: How come you are so early this morning ?

B: I was too excited to sleep last night.

A: Huh, we sill have a bunch of time. The meeting will start at 11:00.

B: I know. I will look through my presentation documents again.




A: Did you see Will Smith’s behavior at Oscars on TV ?

B: Yeah, he has tottaly lost his mind.

A: However,he should have not done such an inmature reaction with violence.

B: 100%



Person of Contactの略語で、ビジネスなどでよく使われています。

A: I am not feeling well today.

B: That’s bad.

A: Allow me take a day off today. Renaud would be your POC while I am out.

B: Noted. Hope you feel better soon.

beat around the bush



A: I don’t get it. What are you trying to say ?

B: I mean, I don’t know how I should say about this matter, uhm.

A: Stop beating around the bush and get to the point.

B: Okay, I try to express my own opinions in short.

dig into



A: Do you have any thoughts on the budget of next fiscal year ?

B: Not at this stage. I need to dig into the details.

A: Very enough. Please do not hesitate to inquiry us if you have any concerns.

B: Understood.

tons of



A: Russia has tons of natural resources.

B: Exactly. Many European countries heavily depend on them.

A: However, EU and US has agreed to curb heavily dependance on Russia.

B: I know. Hope these economic sanctions work well so that the war will end soon.

perfect storm



A: I really miss the times before the pandemic.

B: I am here for you. There have been many bad things happening recently.

A: We really need to prevent the world war III from occurring by Russia.

B: If they use nuclear weapons, it would be perfect storm for all of us.

hit the road



A: We got to hurry. Time is running out.

B: I am almost ready.

A: Okay,we should hit the road in a few minutes.

B: I know but do you know where is my phone ?

over the top


スラングで、OTTとも略されますが、too muchという意味で、度が過ぎていることを表現します。

A: I like your outfit.It really suits you.

B: Thanks. How about my hair ?

A: Well, to be honest, it’s a bit over the top.

B: Okay, you don’t like purple hair,do you ?

be partial to〜



A: I frequently bump into your husband at the wine shop.

B: Hum, do you like wine too ?

A: Definetly. How about you ?

B: Not for me, but my husband is partial to wine.

on the same page



A: I think Japan should accept more immigrants.

B: Totally, we are aging society where lacks of labors.

A: Right. we should provide them with more job opportunities, which ends up supporting our aging society.

B: We are on the same page.



etc, and so on, など、「などなど」「その他諸々」を表す表現はいくつかありますが、会話などで普通に使われている自然な表現です。

A: I heard you were at your hometown during three consecutive holidays.

B: That’s right. I was busy for helping their moving.

A: How did you contribute to them ?

B: Well, I moved some heavy furnitures, unpacked some stuff, I was doing XYZ.




A: What types of projects are you normally assigned from your team lead ?

B: There are various types of them and usually last for a couple months.

A: Do you have any one-off projects as well ?

B: Yes, irregularly-occurring,though.

on top of 〜



A: Hi, I am new here. Do you have any manuals for me to read ?

B: First of all, you are required to read our guidebooks.

A: Okay, thank you ! Is that all ?

B: Please refer to our SOPs as well on top of other training documentation.

Chances are



A: I wonder it will stop raining tomorrow.

B: Do you have any plans to do ?

A: We are planning to go out tomorrow afternoon.

B: The chances are that it will rain rain soon.

I don’ t buy it


少し難しいイディオムになりますが、直訳すると、「それを買わない」と意味ですが、実は、よく使う表現で、I can’t accept it.の意味合いで使われます。

A: Sorry I can’t make it today’ sales meeting.

B: How come ? Still we have half hour to begin.

A: I couldn’t catch my earlier train and I was a little sick this morning anyway and….

B: I don’t buy it.

in good shape



A: How’s your new work ?

B: Everything is in good shape.

A: Cool. I am sure you can get along with new people well.

B: Yeah,there are a lot of nice people in my team.

been there



A: It’s been very challeging to find any jobs at my age now.

B: I’ve been there. It is hard.

A: Although you could get a very decent job when you were 50.

B: Yeah, I was lucky. Never knows what happens to you. Don’t give up !

on the ground


A: Have you met our new manager ?

B: Not yet. What’ s she like ?

A: Apparently she’s been on the ground work for a long time.

B: Sounds nice. Hope she knows things we do.

What’s the tea ?


海外ドラマなどを観ているとたまに出てくるフレーズですが、What’s up ?とかWhat’s new ?という意味ですが、カジュアルに「お、どうした?」っていうニュアンスです。

A: You look nice today.

B: Thanks. I must leave early today.

A: What’s the tea ?

B: No secret between us. I’ll meet my new boyfriend.

easier said than done



A: I wish we had SOP which make us easier what to do at work.

B: There will be massive amount of work required to create SOP, though.

A: It’ easier said than done.

B: Yep.Somebody need to take initiative to proceed this huge project.

allows me to 〜



A: It’s essential to install Google Map in my phone. It allows me to go out wherever I want to go.

B: Absolutely. It also allows us to find any shops easily.

A: True. That’s my favorite feature of this app.

B: Why don’t we hung out together this afternoon ?

in addition to that



A: How do you think if we receive more refugees from Ukraine ?

B: I am afraid to say they may face some challenging culturally as well as language barrier they may struggle with.

A: I am with you.

B: In addition to that some may feel difficulties economically. The cost of commodities are generally high in Japan.




A: Have you watched documentary movie named Winter on Fire on Netflix?

B: Yeah, It was very good movie to help me understand Ukrainian people.

A: It was a bit graphic, though.

B: You are right. Many people were brutally killed.

pros and cons



A: What’s your thoughts on our new economic measure ?

B: Well, I think it may work for richer people but,

A: Yeah, it doesn’t go well for our poor citizen, right ? Lol

B: Pros and cons.

here is the thing



A: I have many thoughts on global economic issues.

B: You mean you worry about economic crisis or what ?

A: Here is the thing, economic sanctions will bring us tough situations worldwide soon.

B: That’s too bad. Hope it will not be so serious.

make sense



A: Now we are required to come to office from next month.

B: Really? How come ?

A: Our boss wants to have meetings in persons.

B: It doesn’t make sense to me at all. We can have online meetings without any fails.

low key



A: How was the drinking party last night with your x-coworkers.

B: Well, we are sill in the middle of pandemic, so it was low key.

A: Very enough. How many people were there ?

B: Only three of us. But, still it was fun, though.

couldn’t agree more



A: We should not use plastic cups at cafe.

B: Personally I always order with a mug cup.

A: Good on you. We need to improve the current global warming issue by doing whatever we can do.

B: I couldn’t agree more.

With that,


話しを纏めたり、切り替えたりする時に口語的に使われます。With that being saidの省略形です。

A: Thank you very much for attending the meeting this morning. It was very productive time.

B: It was really fun to be able to interactive with many people from different departments.

A: With that, I would like to hold this meeting regularly from next month.

B: That’s good idea. Looking forward to meeting you all again next month.

chime in



A: Let’s talk about our next month’s sales plan.

B: Sounds good. Five of us are here this morning.

A: Turn your camera on and chime in anytime.

B: Cool. I want to share my plan with you guys first.

like I said



A: Do you have any plans for this coming GW holidays?

B: Not yet. It depends on how Covid situation would be.

A: But we should do something fun.

B: Like I said, It’s hard to plan in advance now.

speaking of which



A: Spring has come. It’s been very warm recently.

B: Speaking of which, I feel pollen and make me sick.

A: So, you have pollen allergy ?

B: That’s right. To be honest, I don’t like this season much.

freak out



A: I was followed by a very weird man last night.

B: Don’ t make me freak out ! Are you alright ?

A: Yep. I was really freaked out. I thought I was almost dying.

B: Glad you are still alive.

a big deal



A: I worked more than 100 hours overtime last month.

B: OMG. It’s a really big deal.

A: Yeah. I had to work long hours to complete my assigned project.

B: Hope you don’t have to do so this month.

when it comes to



A: Do you have any thoughts on Russia and Ukraine war ?

B: When it comes to their conflicts coming from their historical background, I have totally no ideas.

A: Yeah, it’s true. We need to understand Ukraine’s history to understand them.

B: First of all, I watched the documentary movie named Winter on fire on Netflix.




A: I’ve been following up news clips about Ukraine situations ever since the war started last month.

B: Me too. The current situations are not great at all.

A: Absolutely not good. Hope economic sanctions work against Russia.

B: I am for it. Hope the war ends soon.



オンラインのチャット上では文字を短くすることが好まれます。Away from keyboardの略で、文字通りの訳はキーボードから離れるになりますが、口語的に「席を外す」という意味でよく使われています。

A: Does anybody need my help ?

B: I am OK. Looks like everybody here is fine too.

A: Awesome. AFK a few. If it’s urgent, ping me though.

B: Got it.



スラングの紹介です。仕事 work を若者言葉でgigと言います。海外ドラマなどを観ていると使われていますよね。

A: I like your dress. It really suits you.

B: Thank you for your compliment.

A: No, no, I really mean it. Where did you buy it ?

B: Actually I sewed it. Sewing is my gig.

nail it



A: Did you watch the Winter Olympic Games ?

B: Yep. I watched the snowboard half pipe game.

A: Me too. I am a great fun of Hirano.

B: He nailed it ! He is GOD.

hit me up


reach outよりもよりくだけたインフォーマルな表現として使われます。

A: Hey,What’s up?

B: Hi, Renaud. You look fine.

A: Finally I could recover from the side effect by vaccination.

B: Great ! Hit me up whenever you are free.

reach out


ビジネス上でもプライベートでも電話やメールで連絡をくださいという時によく使われています。contact より口語的で自然な表現になります。

A: It’s been a while !

B: Since when ? How’s your life ?

A: Pretty well. Reach out to me when you have time. Let’s hung out !

B: Will do.

into it



A: Are you Mac user ?

B: Definitely. I can’ miss the Apple Special Event today.

A: Are they releasing a new product ?

B: I bet they will. I am into it.

no wonder why



A: You seem to be very familiar with geopolitics.

B: Yeah. I studied at the University.

A: No wonder why you know a lot what’s happening in Russia and Ukraine now.

I’m here for you


あなたに賛成する。全くもって同感、という意味で使われます。I agree with you よりも口語的かもしれません。

A: I strongly disagree with destroying nature in the park.

B: I’m here for you. How come they’ve decided to cut off some trees ?

A: They say they will build a new building in the park.

B: What a shame. We should protect our nature.

in terms of



A: How do you find the war between Russian and Ukraine ?

B: I think it will eventually affect us in terms of economic damage.

A: What makes you think so ?

B: Economic sanctions towards Russia will escalate the price of oil and so on.

end up


会話で良く聞こえてくる頻出の表現です。日本語で言うと、「そうなっちゃう」って感じ表現です。becomeを使うのではなく、口語的には、end upを使います。

A: Have you got the vaccination ?

B: Yes, I just had a booster shot last week.

A: Cool. How was it ?

B: It was tough, I mean, I ended up being very sick with high fever for a few days.

It is what it is



A: I failed my test last week.

B: I’m sorry to hear that. Are you okay now ?

A: Yeah, I was shocked and could not do anything for a while.

B: I know you studied so hard, but it is what it is. Maybe next time.

The bottom line



A: Which do you prefer working at home or at the office ?

B: I would prefer woking at home.

A: Why is that ?

B: The bottom line is that I can take care of my children while woking at home, which is very convenient for me.

How’d it go ?



には、How did it go ? と習ったかと思います。
そもそも、didって短縮して、’d にすることが出来るんだ?と疑問がありますよね。でも、英語ネイティティブの人達は、普通に、書く時も話す時も、当たり前の様に、How’d を使っています。結局、文法的な正しさに拘り過ぎてしまうより、「実際にネイティブが使っている言葉が正しいということになるかと思います。

A: I had a TOEIC test this morning.

B: How’d it go ?

A: I think I did well this time.

B: Hope you get a great score !

How’s it going ?


日本の学校で習う典型的な表現としては、How are you ?があります。それよりも、もっとカジュアルに、「最近どんな調子ですか?」という意味で、How’s your life going ?のlifeをitで表現し、生活やら人生やら色々なことがどうなっているかを聞く意味で広く使われています。

A: How’s it going ?

B: Great! How about you ?

A: It’s been great. Thanks.

B: Good, Have a good day!

What plans do you have for this weekends ?


日常会話で週の後半に相手によく質問するフレーズですね。What are you going to do this weekends ?でも同じことですが、ちょっと直接過ぎるので、柔らかくPlanを使って予定があるか聞くのが良いでしょう。

A: What plans do you have for this weekends ?

B: I don’t have any plans yet.

A: Ok,then how about hanging out together ?

B: That sounds nice.

How was your weekends ?


週明けの英語の会話の定番ですね。挨拶として週末に何をしたかを質問しましょう。何もしなくかった場合には、I just stayed at home〜ing. 「〜しながら家に居た。」とかの表現も使えます。
I just stayed at home watching Netflix. 「Netflixを観て家に居た。」とか。

A: How was your weekends ?

B: It was good. I went cycling. How was yours ?

A: My weekends were boring. I just stayed at home all day long.

Not really


日本語で多用する「別に」を英語にするとNot Reallyになります。予定などを聞かれて特に何もない時に使える便利な表現ですね。

A: Do you have any plans in Spring holidays ?

B: Not really.

A: You don’t go out anywhere ?

B: Probably I just stay at home.

What if ?


What ifの用法は3つくらいありますが、今回は、軽い提案の「〜どうかな?」という意味でご紹介します。How about 〜と同じような意味で、会話でもたくさん使われますので覚えておきましょう。

A: I have no plans today.

B: You want to go out ?

A: Yeah, I feel like doing so.

B: Ok, then what if we eat out tonight ?

Let’s say


If「もし〜ならば」とほぼ同じ意味ですが、もっと軽い会話の中では、Let’s say〜を使った方が自然なカジュアルが響きがあるようです。

A: Let’s say you have a lot of free time. What would you do ?

B: I would go abroad.

A: What would you do there ?

B: I would eat and shop there.

Couldn’t do a lot


週末に家でただのんびりして特に何もしていなかった時なんかの便利な表現です。そして、家で「まったり」としていたことは、chill という形容詞を使って、I was chilling in my room とか覚えておくといかもしれませんね。

A: How was your weekends?

B: Actually, I couldn’t do a lot.

A: Did you just stay at home ?

B: Yeah, I was chilling.

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